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JLo "Marry Me"

Services Provided

Direction, Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production

Team Members

Production Co: Artifact Content
Director: Hubble
Executive producer: Benny Medina, Jamee Ranta
Producer: Courtney Baxterr, Jamee Ranta
Production Manager: Abi Perl
Production Coordinator: Amber Baker
1st AD: Jason Lombardo
Cinematographer: Robert Richardson , ASC
1st AC: Jimmy Ward
2nd AC: Jordan Pellegrini
Electric driver : Eduardo Salgado
Stylist: Rob Zangardi Mariel Haenn
Hair: Dimitri Giannetos
MUA: Mary Phillips
Production Design: Sammi Wallschlaeg
Art: Andrew Johnson
BTS: David Avalos
Set PA: Raymond Harper

Andrew Carsillo
Josh Butler
Andy Blackwood
Naomi LiMar
Andrew Pino

Talent PA:
Nicole Bell
Kevin Brennan

Editor: Hubble & Vinnie Hobbs
Post Editorial: VHPost
AE for Hubble: @texlandry
Colorist: Yvan Lucas, Company3
Colorist Producer: Mario Castro
Beauty: Bonch

NYC Unit
Producer: Jason Bergh
LP: Derek Rubin
PM: Panita Chanrasmi-Lefebvre
CLT: Fiorella Occhipinti
KG: Dylan Kaplowitz
1st AC: Thomas Rospabé
DIT: Jon Osterman
Set PA: Frances Bromley
Bryan Sanchez


Los Angeles, CA
New York, NY

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most iconic singers and actresses of our time. This is a music video for her song, "Marry Me," which features the popular Latin music artist Maluma. The video showcases JLo's stunning voice, electrifying dance moves, and exceptional acting skills, telling a story of love and romance that is sure to captivate audiences all around the world.

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